'Crash For Cash' Fraudulent Claim Prevented By Camera

An in-cab camera from the Vehicle Group has clearly shown the blatant fraud of a 'crash for cash' scam.

The video shows both vehicles travelling at 50mph on a dual carriageway when the car in front suddenly slams its brake on causing the vehicle with the in-cab camera to perform an emergency brake.

Due to the speed of the incident the vehicle behind shunts this vehicle up the rear pushing it into the third party.

When the accident was reported the driver of the blue Peugeot reported the driver as being at fault for the accident but using the video footage the system was able to exonerate the driver. The total cost saving for the claim was estimated at £45k.

Elliot Goff, head of sales for The Vehicle Group, said: "With cash for crash at an all-time high and an annual spend of £392 million and over 84% of motorists concerned about rising policies due to fraud, the video goes to show not just the financial gain but also the safety of the driver in the event of a staged accident."

Since launching the Eyescan product in 2012, the system has been adopted by some of the UK’s largest fleets and in some cases give ROI in less than three months. The system is equipped with a g-force sensor and GPS and gives enough clarity for a business to make out vehicle registrations.

Allan Davison, Hoyer operations director, has implemented the Eyescan camera on his fleet of HGVs, vans and cars, and described it as a “fantastic investment".

"We installed the cameras due to the increasing number of spurious third party damage and injury claims and the impact these were having on our overall costs and insurance premiums," he said.

"The system provides invaluable evidence when defending staged accidents or incidents involving third parties and significantly reduces the amount of management time required in investigating such events.

"Furthermore, it gives a detailed insight into the true causes of accidents so we can learn from such events and amend our training programmes as required.”

Source : https://www.fleetnews.co.uk/news/2014/1/17/-crash-for-cash-fraudulent-claim-prevented-by-camera/49336/

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