2014 Acura MDX Review Notes

Fuel economy in the 2017 MDX Sport Hybrid is rated at 27 mpg combined (10.5 l/100km), per the US Environmental Protection Agency. Our week with the MDX hybrid returned less than that on average, at closer to 24 mpg overall. Some of this can be written off as altitude (we're driving at 5,400-ft/1,646 m on average) and having passengers on board. Fuel economy was not usually predictable, however, as real-time results during a drive would fluctuate greatly from one trip to the next. Similar-sized vehicles without a hybrid powertrain, such as a Buick Enclave or Volvo XC60, have been more consistent in fuel economy delivery on a trip-to-trip basis. This makes it difficult to measure whether the fuel economy achieved in the Acura MDX Sport Hybrid would be consistent over longer periods in comparison to some competitors. We do note that in-town fuel economy returns were consistent, though, which could make up for any doubts otherwise.

Source : https://newatlas.com/2018-acura-mdx-sport-hybrid-review/52208/

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