2014 Kia Soul UK First Drive Review

Stylish, both inside and out. As we noted in our drive of the petrol GDI version, the original Soul's outlandish design has been improved upon to present a car that looks very much at home in the urban sprawl. 

The Soul's cabin is spacious for the most part, although taller passengers in the rear will voice complaints about legroom on longer journeys. There are some colourful touches to the Soul's interior trim, most notably the colour-matched stitching on the steering wheel and seats of our test car. There could be more on that front, but there is at least some new colour-changing speaker mood lighting, which looks impressive at night.

The Soul's 1.6-litre CRDi diesel is a competent engine, offering good torque from low down in the rev range. Steering for the most part is accurate, but there's little or no feedback. Initially it appears heavy too, although a press of Kia's Flex Steer power steering button allows you to adjst the amount of assistance you receive, depending on whether you're driving in town or country.

Both versions of the Soul are quite firmly sprung; there's little difference in body roll between the petrol and diesel versions. That's no bad thing, because the Soul rides well over most surfaces. Even on some of Yorkshire's variable country lanes, the Soul didn't struggle to maintain its composure.

Economy wise, Kia says the new Soul can manage up to 56.5mpg on a combined cycle, and around 46.3mpg on urban routes. We didn't see those kind of numbers, but after a cross-country drive the Soul's trip computer showed a relatively impressive 37mpg.

Source : https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/kia/soul/first-drives/2014-kia-soul-uk-first-drive-review

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2014 Kia Soul UK first drive review
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