2017 Ford F 150 Raptor

Long-Term Numbers

Miles to date: 14,632

Miles since last report: 5,141

Average mpg (this report): 14.76

Test best tank (mpg): 18.62

Test worst tank (mpg): 13.17


This period: None

Problem areas: None

Logbook Quotes

“There are times I wish I could use the locker in 2WD, like in the last Raptor. Disappointed that this feature was removed.”

“I love the auxiliary switches on the overhead console, reminds me of an airplane.”

“The Raptor is one mean-looking truck at night.”

“The SuperCab is uncomfortably small with a baby seat in the back, but I was reasonably able to fit four mountain bikes and three buddies in the truck with me on a recent trip.”

Source : http://www.trucktrend.com/features/1805-long-term-2017-ford-f-150-raptor-supercab-report-3-of-4/

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