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There are many benefits to growing your own fruit and vegetables: it can be more economical, the produce is fresher and tastier, and when they are all in season, there is nothing quite so convenient as a grocer at your doorstep.

Gardening is an activity that also has many side benefits, including better physical health from being outdoors and active. Increasingly, researchers are talking up the mental benefits of getting dirt on your hands and sunshine on your shoulders too.

And it does not really matter if you have your own quarter-acre dream of a house, or a fuss-free strip of lawn that actually belongs to a landlord. We've got the complete guide to starting a vegetable garden for beginners.


Get the site right: how to identify the perfect spot for growing vegetables.


It's all in the soil: how to tell if your garden soil is any good and what to do if it isn't.


Seeds vs seedlings: when and how to use each.


Pots & small spaces: what and how to grow in containers to make the most of what you've got.

5. >The best ways to water your vege garden

: dos and dont's, and why it makes a difference!


Beating pests & diseases: tips, trick & best ideas to protect your crops.


Winning the war on weeds: safe & practical ways to keep weeds at bay.


10 fast & easy vegetable crops for beginners: yes it's that simple!

Ad Feedback With a bit of time and effort, even the smallest gardens can produce a big payoff. GREATANDLITTLE / 123RF STOCK PHO

With a bit of time and effort, even the smallest gardens can produce a big payoff.

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