A Fond (and Filling) Farewell To The 2018 Chevrolet Silverado In Texas BBQ Country

With the exception of the Goodyear off-road tires being a bit noisy, the ZR2 actually behaved itself quite well in city and highway driving. It has all the same virtues of a standard Colorado like a roomy, comfortable cabin with modern tech, and the lovely, torquey Duramax diesel moves the truck along with more than adequate hustle. The ZR2 package may be designed to give it better ground clearance and more aggressive approach, breakover, and departure angles, but it also just makes it look way cooler than the base truck. But I must admit, even at six feet tall, the ZR2 is a bit of a chore to climb into.

Sunset on the Old Silverado

So why did Chevy have me driving through Texas barbecue country? For starters, Texas is the biggest market in the country for pickup trucks; a Chevy rep told me that one in five trucks GM sells nationwide ends up on a dealer lot in the Lone Star State. Simply driving around Texas makes it obvious that people just really like trucks down there. As for the 'cue, sure, some truck owners love it so much they might feel compelled to buy a mobile pit, and it's nice to know that a vehicle can fit a lifestyle. But the custom-made trailers at the Gator Pit start at around a thousand bucks and go up sharply from there—an unintentional parallel to the new truck market?

A new class of truck buyers has emerged in the last decade. The high-end pickups that so many people are eager to spend so much money on are luxury vehicles cleverly disguised as a workin’ man’s truck. The prices keep climbing and people keep paying. That means the kind of person who drives a well-appointed Silverado is also the kind of person in the market to spend a few grand on a mobile barbecue pit.

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A Fond (and Filling) Farewell to the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado in Texas BBQ Country
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