Acura Unveils Baby SUV In China; Are Its North American Odds Slim Or Nil?

I don’t see the crime. The most successful Lexuses are the ES, followed by the RX- warmed over Camrys/Avalons. And there is plenty of space in powertrains. You can’t get the DCTs or SH-AWD on any Hondas, and it looks like even when the engines are the same (i.e. the 2.4) there is a fair amount of tuning to separate them. Again, seems unfair to shame HMA on powertrains when the best selling Lexuses share complete powetrains with lowly Camrys.

The CDX’s problem isn’t that it’s a warmed over Acura- the LED headlights, trick transmission and torquey turbo 4 would be enough to sell me on it over the HR-V; the problem is the HR-V’s biggest problems, the tiny trunk and interior, still remain. If they could stretch it a little bit so it addresses those issues without stepping on the RDX toes it would be fine.

But HMA is hardly alone in any of this. Audi has plenty of warmed over Golfs in various forms and they are all pretty good aside from the Q3. BMW just redid the X1 around an economy car platform and it is better for it. Lexus NX is a RAV-4. CLA, GLA, and Infiniti QX30 are all warmed over economy cars. Etc. Personally I don’t see the problem. I don’t need or want to pay for a bespoke platform if a warmed over mainstreamer can get the job done for less $$$. We are not talking about sports cars or anything here… aside from packaging and NVH platforms are irrelevant in this segment.

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Acura Unveils Baby SUV in China; Are its North American Odds Slim or Nil?