Apple, Hollywood At Odds Over Movie Pricing Ahead Of New 4K Apple TV Launch

I am tired of the media producers thinking that more pixels means a higher price. We paid time after time for music – vinyl, 8-track, cassette, CD, etc. Now they think that we will continue doing the same for video – Video Disc, VHS, DVD, BluRay…

I don’t mind paying a reasonable price for stuff. Sometimes I am even willing to pay for the same stuff in different ways, or to pay extra for more flexibility in using the media. But I am sick and tired of corporations deciding on the size of the pie and the cuts that each will take when we, the consumers, have to purchase the damn pie.

Professional sports are the same way. The owners and players argue over how to split the pie. Both want more, so they continue to increase the size of the pie with TV revenue and expensive merchandise and outrageous ticket prices on top of high parking fees. In the end, they expect us to pay for their sports monopoly. The NCAA is also a major problem because they do not pay the kids that they exploit. And then they expect me to pay over $100 for a so-so seat in a stadium for a college game? All of these groups are going to price themselves into a hole.

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Apple, Hollywood at odds over movie pricing ahead of new 4K Apple TV launch
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Apple, Hollywood at odds over movie pricing ahead of new 4K Apple TV launch