Arthur L. Spada

The president of the state police union said Thursday he regrets not checking out another officer's claim of seeing Public Safety Commissioner Arthur L. Spada pull over a car on I-95.

Trooper Robert Veach said he would apologize to the commissioner for any inaccurate information he put in a union press release about the incident.

"I will apologize to Art Spada in that I failed to corroborate the information that I got," said Veach. "The governor said apologize for lying. I didn't lie. What I did do was fail to check my sources."

In a union press release issued Monday, Veach wrote that he received information from an unnamed New London police officer who claimed to have seen Spada pull over a motorist on the Gold Star Bridge in New London Sunday afternoon. The release said Spada was seen "conducting a solo speed enforcement operation." Such an act would have violated Gov. John G. Rowland's order that Spada leave traffic enforcement to trained police officers.

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