Audi Q7 E Tron 2017 UK Review

Also confirmed is the use of alternating current AC chargers that can top up the battery by recovering energy on the move. As standard, the car will feature 11kW chargers for this, although 22kW chargers will be available as an option to enhance the recovery rate.

Audi previously revealed details about the E-tron's regenerative braking system, which it says can recuperate up to 30% of the car's total range. The car brakes using an electrohydraulic system for quicker responses, thanks to the additional pressure of a hydraulic piston. The system, Audi claims, can reduce braking distance by up to 20%, since there is little delay in getting the brakes applied with full pressure.

Home charging details have been disclosed, with Audi claiming that the E-tron can charge fully in 8.5 hours when connected to a 400V three-phase outlet. Audi has yet to reveal times for when the car is attached to a regular 230V household plug.

The extra technical information for the E-tron was announced to the press at a Siemens heavy-duty electrical engineering test centre in Berlin, Germany, where the car was subjected to a symbolic 500kV test to ‘spark the car into life'.

Audi previously showed interior images of the E-tron, including the cameras in the front passenger doors that will enable the world's first 'virtual' exterior mirrors.

This new tech will be optional. It replaces conventional door mirrors and projects digital images onto screens located inside the car, where the front doors meet the dashboard. It helps to reduce the car's aerodynamic drag coefficient to just 0.28, Audi claims.

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These more compact exterior cameras combine with active aerodynamics and air suspension that can lower the car into its most aerodynamic position when cruising, allowing a claimed drag coefficient figure that makes it 0.04 more slippery than the smaller Q2 SUV.

Audi says that without the E-tron's selection of drag-reducing features, the large electric SUV would be 21 miles shorter on range per charge. With them, the car is good for a 248-mile range, according to WLTP (which is a tougher test than the outgoing NEDC test). Acceleration will be on par with other Audi Sport models.

Audi  official images show the car's aerodynamics at work — and demonstrate the minimal drag created by the small virtual mirrors.

That also suggests the E-tron will be badged 55 under Audi’s new naming system, which has been introduced to put combustion-engined, hybrid and battery-powered electric vehicles on an even footing in the hierarchy.

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