BMW I3 =

I have a 2014 i3 BEV and for me, like another poster said, it’s perfect. I have a 6km round trip commute to work and in and around town the range is more than adequate. It is the quintessential city car. And i suspect it fits more peoples lifestyles than they are willing to admit. I’m also an existing BMW customer and our ICE vehicle is a 3 series wagon. Best of both worlds in our household, imo. I’d certainly look at a hybrid wagon for our next purchase.

I really don’t understand the hate online directed towards the i3. If it’s not a Tesla then it’s crap. If it doesn’t have over 300km range, then it’s crap. Makes no rational sense why people get so worked up. It’s a decent futuristic car with all the makings of what being green is about. And no, I’m no tree hugger.

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