Beloved Cars Trashed In Fast & Furious 6

Walker’s character is an import guy, and pilots two late-model Nissan GT-Rs and the aforementioned Escort. Tyrese has his 1969 Mustang, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a mammoth Navistar MXT truck, and Rodriguez spends most of her time in a rare 1973 Jensen Interceptor.

There’s also a custom-built faux tank riding on a heavy-duty truck chassis, 2012 Dodge Charger and Alfa Romeo Giuliettas that were part of a product tie-in with Chrysler, and the villain’s custom-built “flip car” that looks and drives like an exoskeleton of the modern Batmobile.

Many of the older cars were heavily modified for the rigors of the stunts and several examples were needed for each car. Given the prohibitively high cost of buying pristine, original versions of cars like the 1969 Daytona or Mustang, close replicas were built.

Although these copies would be identifiable as fakes to the naked eye, they are still fully capable cars with around 800 total horsepower.

“We definitely mistreated the poor thing,” said Ben Collins of the Daytona. Collins, who gained notoriety as the mysterious Stig test driver on BBC’s Top Gear, was the stunt driver for several breathtaking chase scenes in Fast & Furious 6.

One is a street-race scene through downtown London, which gave Collins the opportunity to drift the Daytona through the city’s famed Piccadilly Circus with six inches of clearance on either end of the car. Not to mention a live crowd full of camera-wielding fans ready to document a screw-up, Collins recalled.

But it was the film’s opening that Collins found most memorable. In it, a modern-day Dodge Challenger races a Nissan GT-R on a winding road high above the coast of Tenerife, in Spain’s Canary Islands. Collins was the driver of the Dodge, and even though he’s driven stunts on other films, including several from the current Bond franchise, he says this “was one of the most exciting bits of filming I’ve ever done.”

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