Bentley Flying Spur 2019: Images, Design, Specs, Price And Release Date

As expected, the new Flying Spur shares it front fascia with the most recent Continental GT. The most striking feature here is the grille, which is notably wider and taller. Bentley also ditched the two-piece design of the grille for a more luxurious looking unit with no fewer than the 23 thin and vertical slats. This grille design is a tribute to the iconic Bentley S1 Continental Flying Spur from 1957. The fine radiator grille behind the slats is finished in gloss-black for a neat contrast with the chrome frame.

The massive grille is flanked by brand-new headlamps. Just like the Continental GT, the Flying Spur continues to feature a quad-headlamps layout, but the outer units are now much smaller than the inner lights. All four are fitted with LED Matrix technology as standard and Bentley’s new cut-crystal effect. The Brits also added a chrome sleeve behind the cut element for a sparkling effect that’s visible even when the headlamps aren’t lit.

The new Flying Spur is the first to carry a Flying B mascot on the engine cover

The front bumper sports a new design too. The old and boring vents of the previous Flying Spur were replaced by a sportier layout with a trapezoidal opening at the center and rectangular vents on the sides. They’re set apart by thick chrome trim and feature a honeycomb-style grille. The latter is gloss-black, while the frame can be specified in a darker chrome for a more subdued look.

Another cool new features is the Flying B mascot on the engine hood. Added for the first time to a modern Flying Spur, it adds a dash of elegance to the sedan, moving it closer to its Rolls-Royce counterpart. The redesigned mascot is also illuminated and linked to the welcome lighting sequence and keyless entry system, so it activates when you approach the car.

In the rear, the new Flying Spur shares styling cues with both the old sedan and the most recent Continental GT

The Flying Spur’s profile retains the clean and elegant design of the old sedan, but I spotted a few new styling cues to talk about. For starters, the Flying Spur looks a tad sportier thanks to a couple of protruding character lines. The first one starts from the top of the outer headlamp and travels across the arched front fender to become straight as it passed through the front door and ends halfway into the rear door. The second character line starts from the rear door and arches around the shape of the rear fender before it meets the taillights.

In the rear, the new Flying Spur shares styling cues with both the old sedan and the most recent Continental GT. The decklid still features the raised center section as the outgoing Flying Spur, but the section is taller. The trunk lid is also wider over the rear fascia, which means a much-improved loading area. The previous rectangular taillights were replaced with almost square units that boasts B-shaped graphics that mimic the "Bentley" badge. The fascia is clean now, with the license place recess moved into the bumper. The latter remains familiar, but it now sports thin chrome strips on each side of the license place and a cleaner lower section. The oval tailpipes are fitted into oval-shaped openings in the bumper.


The new Flying Spur is available with a choice of 21-inch wheels as standard, but you can also pick from a couple of optional 22-inch rollers from the Mulliner division. The standard color palette includes 17 different hues, but you can access Mulliner’s option list for more paints, including two-tone finishes.

As far as size goes, the third-gen Flying Spur is a tad bigger than its predecessor. At 209.3 inches long, it’s only 0.7 inches longer than the old model. When it comes to width, the new sedan is identical to its predecessor at 77.9 inches. At 58.4 inches tall, the new Flying Spur is only marginally lower than the old sedan, which comes in at 58.6 inches. But although it’s not notably bigger, the new Flying Spur has a significantly longer wheelbase due to the front axle having been moved farther away from the cabin. At 125.7 inches, the new wheelbase boasts an additional five inches.

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