C7 ‘Vette Just $1,400 More Than Outgoing Model

Oh boy.

I do not assume ‘if GM build it, it must be profitable’

I don’t ‘feel the need for the Corvette to make a profit’….I feel the need to correct your incorrect assumptions (god knows why…it can be painful and remind me of my street vendor tacos in queretaro mexico that nearly killed me and taught me a valuable life lesson)

Follow me here. One of the links you pushed mentioned that GM sells 9 million vehicles a year globally and the Corvette was just ‘pocket change’ in that environment.’ I thought you actually read and understood the links you sent as ‘proof’….my bad.

I was just making a reference to that. That wasn’t a dollar figure. That was 9 million vehicles. Its irrelevant to our conversation, I was making that point.

Since you like links, I’ll re-re ask.

Why did one of the links you sent as ‘proof’ the Corvette is a loss leader acknowledge that it started that way 60 YEARS AGO also acknowledge that it started turning a profit a few years later? Please, for the love of god, at least acknowledge that.

You like to say ‘hand made’ as if all Corvettes are made like an artist creating a sculpture…then I show you a real assembly line with humans and robots building Corvettes.

You like to mention ‘exotic’ materials as if the Corvette is made of gold and priced like a McDonalds value meal. You pay for those exotic materials.

Here’s what I will say…and I’ll add a link.

The C7 does need to go above the 14k sales to make a profit with the investments made for this generation….but you must look at a vehicle over its lifecycle.

The 2013 C6 run of 14,xxx units had very minimal ‘investment’ as it completed a run over a number of years.

Look… very, very few companies or product lines are profitable for 60 years in a row when you look at each year. The Corvette has had ups and downs. You seem to think that its just a money pit with justification.

Here’s a good link. Please read it. All the way through.


Yep…they do need to pick up sales into the mid 20,000 unit range for ROI. Hell, the all new Avalon is doubling its sales over the last few months with an all-new vehicle. I think the C7 will manage that. If they get into the 30,000 unit range, it’ll be a cash cow….not just profitable.

Also, pay attention to the comments about the fact that the C7 was on hold during bankruptcy and the feds looked at the books and approved and encouraged the development of the C7 based on what they saw.

Source : http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2013/04/c7-vette-just-2000-more-than-outgoing-model/

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C7 ‘Vette Just $1,400 More Than Outgoing Model
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