Chevrolet Silverado HD Spied Testing Updated Engines [Updated]

At TRX-4 Tom...... you can have all the HP and torque in the world but if you can't get it all to the ground efficiently through the transmission, rear axle, etc, it's pointless. Take a look on Youtube at the 2012 Silverado HD versus Ford/Dodge done by the same independent company that works with all three manufacturers. GM won the towing competition (24 times in a row), payload competition (suspension sag with both cargo weight and trailer hitch weight), body torsional test (frame twist) and so forth. The Allison transmission and GM rear axle is the most efficent in the industry. The HD powertrain delivers a much wider and flatter hp/torque curve than Ford or Dodge which is why GM won the competitions.

As for ground clearance, its only as good as the distance from ground to the lowest part of the truck.....the front diff and rear axle. Yes a higher frame helps over rocks, steep hills, etc, and you can put a 2-4 inch lift in for very little money if that's your purpose. But with 90% of these trucks towing camper trailers, construction equipment, livestock trailers, etc, they built the truck for the majority of customers. For the 10% who need height (offsite welders, riggers, etc), add a lift kit.

If you look at a superdoody, yes the frame is much higher. But what sticks down below the frame rails......the TRANSMISSION!!! Yeah, I want my tranny being the first thing that hits the ground!!.

That is also why Ford's seats sit so much lower to the floor than in the Chev. A lower frame allows for a lower floor which means much more comfortable and natural seating position with seats higher off the floor.

But Ram and Super Doody freaks will always slam a GM.

I love those who slam Government Motors..... yet Ford took huge government loans just 2 years earlier and the government backed/guaranteed the BILLIONS of dollars in mortgages Ford took out on everything they own to save their butts. The only difference was that the government loaned ford the money and ford is paying it back instead of the government buying stock and GM buying the stock back. Same thing just a different route. And I love a Ram guy slinging the bailout government motors thing.....when Dodge was right there with GM.

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