Citroën 2CV Versus The Top Gear Test Track

Screenshot: Top Gear on YouTube

There isn’t much to this video, if I’m honest. It’s just a small man in a small French car having a great time wailing around the track. Chris Harris loves Citroen 2CVs so much, he owns one. This example, though, is a full-on racing car. And a nutty one, at that.

With nearly four times the original output, Harris calls this “the Bugatti Chiron of 2CVs” which is a hilarious juxtaposition. However, I would suspect that the Chiron would not be able to race for 24 hours, while that’s exactly what this Citroen was built for.

Take a few minutes to bask in the enthusiasm that is Chris Harris absolutely chucking this Deux Chevaux around the Top Gear Test Track.

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