Citroen UK New Car Registrations In October Up By 8pct

Citroen UK new car registrations in October up by 8pct


Citroen UK new car registrations in October up by 8pct

Citroën UK new car registrations were up 8.79% in October, in a market that declined by 2.9%. This impressive new car performance was the direct result of a significant rise in Retail registrations, with an increase of over 30% compared to October 2017. The Retail market as a whole declined by 1.01% in October 2018.

Citroën UK’s Retail sales growth in October was driven by increased demand for core models in the renewed Citroën range, such as the highly desirable C3 supermini and New C3 Aircross Compact SUV. The availability of a full range of Euro 6.2 compliant diesel and petrol engines has also accelerated sales.

Citroën UK’s Retail registrations have increased dramatically since April, growing 26.88% in the period April to October 2018, in a market that declined 1.86% over the same period. The result is that Citroën UK’s YTD Retail registrations are up 3.83%, in a market that has declined by 6.53%.

Overall, UK new car registrations YTD are down 7.2%, but Citroën is bucking the trend with a decline of just 3.64%, with the prospect of continuing Retail growth in November and December, and into the New Year.

Source : Strategic Research Institute, SteelGuru

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Citroen UK new car registrations in October up by 8pct
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