Cloth Top BMW I8 Spyder Hoons Up A Storm On Swedish Ice

We seem to be obsessed with the end of society. Whether it’s zombies or the Soviets or our collective desire to make America great again, we probably spend more time dreaming about the end than any modern civilization. Maybe it’s because of our can-do attitude and self-reliant nature or because we see the world as a temporary place, but Americans are preppers, collectively planning for the apocalypse. And automotive journalists are not immune to those thoughts.

When discussing the end in our office, our minds more often than not wind up on what vehicle we’d want during an unspeakable disaster. When the world ends, no matter the cause, you’re going to have to be able to drive your bugout vehicle on one of our almost 47,000 miles of interstate highway. You’ll also have to be ready for inclement weather. And finally, you’ll need a vehicle that can take you and your family off-road and into safety. Toss out cost (you’re not getting these from a dealer when the gates of hell open) and luxury (isn’t life the largest luxury of all?). The winner of this comparo will be the end-of-the-world-ready off-roader best suited for apocalyptic calamities.

2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon vs Mercedes Benz G550 vs Toyota Land Cruiser front end

Soldiers of Fortune All three of these slab-sided beasts have seen military service during their life cycles.

The three SUVs that come up in our discussions most often form the basis for our steal-it-if-the-world-ends comparison test: the Jeep Wrangler, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and the Toyota Land Cruiser.