Confirmed: Peugeot’s Axing Petrol 308 GT, 308 GTi Will Live On

Peugeot will make a few adjustments to its product lineup, with the petrol-powered 308 GT set to bite the dust at the end of June.

The information was confirmed to CarScoops by Rodica Ionescu, PR Manager for Trust Motors, which is the official Peugeot, Citroen and DS cars importer in Romania. The representative said that this decision has been taken to help improve Peugeot’s corporate carbon dioxide emissions.

Contrary to a previous report, the 308 GTi will live on, but with some modifications – and, according to Ionescu, its will be suspended for two months, July and August.

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This move “will allow the transition from the PureTech 263 Euro 6.d-temp to the PureTech 263 Euro 6.d-temp + EVAP”, she said. “This new requirement (which takes into account fuel evaporation in the tank and its supply pipe) requires a new homologation and will be mandatory starting September 1, 2019.”

As you may recall, the 308 GTi’s 1.6-liter turbo-four engine has already been modified in order to become compliant with the new WLTP regulations. The work was carried out last year and saw its output downgraded slightly, from 270 PS (266 hp / 199 kW) to 263 PS (259 hp / 193 kW).

It’s hard to say when the next-gen 308 will be introduced, but the one currently on sale is already 6 years old, which means that its successor can’t be far off. It could debut sometime next year, though, and the GTi model will continue to lead the pack, albeit probably with an electrified powertrain that will both improve performance and further reduce CO2 emissions.


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Confirmed: Peugeot’s Axing Petrol 308 GT, 308 GTi Will Live On
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