Crews Respond To Mobile Home Fire In Butler County, MO

Yesterday in a neighboring fire district the tones went off, but there wasn’t anyone in the district that responded. The closest available to respond was a firefighter in Cape Girardeau on his day off. He responded quickly as legally possible to his department to grab an apparatus. This unfortunately is a more and more common event in the world that we live in and in the area we live in. After the tones were struck out a second time with no response, another department was struck from neighboring District. And then another department was called, and then another department. Our Engine and Water Tender Co. was one on the responding units to roll out. On arrival, a mobile home was gutted from fire. Think if this was your loved ones home. Your parents, son or daughter, grandparents. Think if you weren’t at home but your wife or husband was. Alexander County is in desperate need for firefighters. All payed on call and volunteers are needed. There’s a lot more to being a firefighter then being on the front-line and going in to fight the fire. All departments need engineers & operators, personnel to do traffic control, run equipment back and forth to other personnel, medical responders, wildland fire fighters and other support staff. All personnel will get the training they need to save lives. Being a firefighter is just like any other job, you get out of it what you put in. If a person puts in the ambition and time, you can learn to make a difference, make the save, and save a life. Alexander County Fire Department’s info below. Hope to see your application.

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Alexander County Fire Departments in big need of firefighters
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