Deputies: Florida Man Tried To Use Wig, Bicycle To Fool Law Enforcement


A drug investigation in Brevard County had already yielded more than 100 arrests, but deputies weren’t satisfied.

Robert “Bobby” Walls was still on their list. After receiving a tip on his whereabouts Thursday, the Game Over Task Force established a perimeter around a residence.

Before they could make entry, they saw a white male leaving the home on a bicycle. Deputies knew the bicyclist matched Walls’ description, but there was something a little off.

He had long blonde hair.

Agents could tell it was Walls sporting a wig, so they followed him. When they caught up to him, investigators said Walls admitted to knowing he was wanted by law enforcement and hoped the wig would disguise him enough to let him avoid arrest.

“Walls further stated that had he known agents were already in the area, he would have taken off into the woods,” deputies wrote on the department’s Facebook page.

Authorities arrested him without incident and took him to the county jail where he was booked without his wig. They listed him under his real name and the tongue-in-cheek alias “Master of Deception.”

Walls is charged with conspiracy to possess controlled substance, solicitation to sell controlled substance and unlawful use of a two-way device.

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Deputies: Florida man tried to use wig, bicycle to fool law enforcement