Dodge Charger Widebody Will Destroy The BMW M5

To be more precise, the 707-pony Dodge duked it out with an F10 BMW M5. Fortunately, the battle we have here can serve as an example - when you're in the mood for some competitive sprinting, make sure to avoid the streets and head for the drag strip.

The hostilities took place at the Palm Beach International Raceway, so it's safe to assume the beastly four-doors enjoyed proper track prep.

Much to nobody's surprise, the BMW had trouble putting its power down - heck, this is the reason for which the current F90 M5 comes with xDrive, albeit with the all-paw hardware offering a RWD-only mode for slip angle shenanigans.

Nevertheless, judging by the quarter-mile numbers the slice of Germany delivered, this had been taken down the aftermarket route.

As for the Hellcat, the Charger appears to deliver normal 1,320 feet numbers, so you shouldn't expect any mods (not sure about the rubber, though).

Then again, the owner of the Dodge did jump the let's leave the front lip protectors on bandwagon that's causing quite a bit of rage on the Internet right now. Now, in case you're not familiar with the social phenomenon caused by not removing the bits of yellow plastic that protect the chin of the vehicle during transportation, the Instagram clip below should explain everything (according to its source, this was staged, with the owner "taking care" of his own car).

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How to proper “install” lip protectors #1320video Disclaimer: this was not done to a random car without permission. Do not start taking these off people’s cars Oü

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