Fiat Chrysler Plans To Make New Jeep In Detroit, Adding Jobs

The plans were first reported by The Detroit News. A Fiat Chrysler spokeswoman declined to comment.

The new vehicle will be bigger than any current Jeep model, reflecting a shift in consumer tastes that has roiled the industry. Prompted by low gasoline prices, Americans are flocking to sport-utility vehicles and pickup trucks and shunning compacts and sedans. They have also been drawn by improvements in fuel economy and comfort that manufacturers have made in the last five years.

In 2015, Fiat Chrysler decided to focus on Jeeps, trucks and minivans and to stop making cars for the United States market. This year, Ford Motor said it too would drop sedans from its lineup. General Motors said last week that it planned to idle five North American plants next year — three of them make sedans and the others produce transmissions and engines. Two of the plants are in the Detroit area.

Heavy bets on large vehicles reflect the automakers’ conclusion that gasoline prices will remain low to moderate for several more years.

Fiat Chrysler said in June that it intended to add at least three new Jeep models by 2022, including a Gladiator pickup that will go into production next year, and several battery-powered variants. The company makes most Jeeps at two plants in Toledo and its Jefferson North plant in Detroit. All three are operating at nearly full capacity.

The automaker said in January that it planned to spend $1 billion to move production of heavy-duty pickups from Mexico to a factory in Michigan and add 2,500 jobs there, a move praised by President Trump.

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