First McLaren 600LT In America Delivered To Hennessey Performance

Bigger is always better, right? And everything is bigger in Texas. Which explains John Hennessey’s heroic decision to take the 592 hp McLaren 600LT and cram another 400 ponies in there to get it up to 1,000. (Hennessey Performance is proof America is already great, right?)

Hennessey, who was >the first customer in the United States to take delivery of a 600LT, told >Top Gear that he bought the 600LT “for the same reason I bought a new Ford GT: to give our team a solid benchmark for our Venom F5,” his custom-made, 1,600 hp, 301 mph hypercar. “I think that McLaren is building the best supercars in the world right now,” he said. In fact, he originally thought the newest Sports Series stock coupe from Woking was so brilliant that he had no plans to alter it. After some stints behind the wheel, he decided, “it’s so good the only thing that it’s asking for is more power.” A man after our own hearts. 

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