Global C Section Rates Almost Doubled Worldwide Over 15 Year Span, With Many Countries Overusing Procedure

Detroit Free Press: Study: Childbirth Most Dangerous For Black Women

University of Michigan researchers published a new study that will appear in the November issue of the Journal Obstetrics & Gynecology that reveals just how much a woman's risk of developing a life-threatening condition while she's in the hospital for delivery depends on her racial and ethnic background and that patient's underlying health problems. Although a life-threatening complication during childbirth occurred in 1.6 percent of all deliveries included in the study, non-Hispanic black women had a 70-percent higher rate of having a severe birth-related health problem than non-Hispanic white women. (Shamus, 10/11)

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Global C-Section Rates Almost Doubled Worldwide Over 15-Year Span, With Many Countries Overusing Procedure
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