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The thrill of discovery has sent explorers to the Arctic, man to the moon, and now Motor Trend senior features editor Jonny Lieberman to Russia in the latest episode of Epic Drives. What better vehicle to discover Russia in then in the one-millionth Land Rover Discovery ever built?

In the one-millionth Land Rover Discovery, Lieberman travels from the Russian town of Belgorod, up through Moscow, before heading back down to Volgograd. Though long, Lieberman’s 1000-mile drive represents only a small part of the 8000-mile “Journey of Discovery” from Birmingham in the U.K., to Beijing in China. The Journey of Discovery pays homage to the 1955 Land Rover expedition that attempted the same route in a duo of Defenders, only to wind up in Singapore instead of China due to politics.

Lieberman’s expedition through Russia included stops at a Soviet-era car museum, a stay in a dilapidated hotel, and a drive on Moscow’s Red Square – an act almost inconceivable when the Discovery first went into production and Cold War tensions were high. Check out the latest Epic Drive below.

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