HBO's Push To Get Bigger And Broader: 7 Burning Questions

"In most organizations, there are many moving parts that have to work together to achieve the intended business goals. In order to ensure you and your teams are providing the most value to the organization, it's important to assimilate ideas and connect the work performed within each team with the overall strategic objectives. I find that spending time with teams, asking questions, and listening for insights helps me push good ideas back up to the executive level. It also provides the developers and engineers with a line of sight to how their efforts contribute to the success of the organization. Each person should be able to connect the execution of their daily work with the overall strategy of the business. If team members are not able to accomplish their work in a simple and effective manner, then consider the obstacle and remove it. The more you can focus their time on achieving the most important goals, the faster and more effective your organization will become. By removing obstacles and making the right choices for the organization, your team can achieve great success."

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