Head To Head Review: Nissan Navara ST V Mazda BT 50 XTR


First up I would like to see our Rangers/BT50s come with the 2.7 EcoBoost. But the market for these will be more or less limited to Australia and some Gulf States.

I do think Ford with it’s push in the US pickup market is going to struggle. By struggle I’m not stating Ford will not sell lots of F Series, but they will take a hit. Aluminium was the wrong answer for the public. It might sate CAFE and the EPA, but not as many consumers will take to them.

GM has done a better job. The Colorado Canyon release has given the vehicles enough lead time to generate interest over the Taco.

The Taco will stay on top. This was the case here with the release of our current new midsizers, Hilux still rules. It also lost ground as a percentage of the market.

But our Hilux is second if you place the Ranger and BT50 into the one basket.

The new Navara which is released next month is apparently going to lift the benchmark for our pickups. It’s coming out with a trailing link coil assend and is supposed to ride as well as a Maxima. Not bad for a vehicle with a 2 500lb payload and a 7 800lb tow.

The interior of the Navara looks superb. I can see why people now want a midsize over our more traditional SUV, ie, Prado, Landcruiser, Patrol, Pajero, etc segment.

Also, the new midsizers tow as much as the large SUVs and are getting better FE. In my case over 32mpg (US) on the open road.

The new Hilux has a lot of ground to make up on the old as people are starting to shy away from it.

I do think Toyota globally will face the same or similar challenges confronting Ford in the US with pickups.

Toyota and Ford will have good offerings, but they will not be competitive enough.

I think Toyota in the US with the Taco and the next hopefully “XD” Tundra has done a far better job with product placement.

But, I do think the future star (next several years) in the US pickup market will be Nissan.

Nissan could possibly stagnat the growth of the HDs by the Big 3. Remember most HDs are the lighter 250/2500s. The V8 Cummins Titan will be a really good pickup.

A sort of in between vehicle. The next Frontier will be the size of the Hardbody/D20/22. This is another in between size vehicle.

Nissan will do well with this formula, until other manufacturers come on board to challenge them.

Source : http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2015/04/spied-2016-toyota-hilux-inside/

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