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In the world of tech, full stack developers tend to sit at the top of the mountain — and for good reason. While most technical roles are highly specialized, full stack developers are kind of like Swiss Army knives. Whether it's frontend or backend, database work or debugging, a full stack developer is an expert in the entire lifecycle of app creation, beginning to end. 

As a result, full stack developers can command an impressive salary and a diverse and exciting range of responsibilities. The education you need to get a foot in the door is understandably varied. With The Full Stack Web Development Course, you'll cover the tools and techniques you need to master to this role with total proficiency. 

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The course includes 207 lectures and 33.5 hours of content that you can access anytime you'd like in case you need a refresher. Become masterful in front-end technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, and JavaScript, and dive into the back-end tools to support those technologies, like Node.js, Meteor.js, Angular 2, PHP, and Ruby on Rails. You'll also learn important databasing with MySQL, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, and more, all while learning to debug and understand important version control technologies. 

This course will help you gain greater freedom to manage your projects while developing cohesive, functional projects that increase your market value. Pick up the Full Stack Web Development Course for $23, or 77% off the usual price of $100. 

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