Honda Says More Than 60K Vehicles Still Active With 'time Bomb' Takata Air Bags

The problem is not that they need to sell high margin cars to stay alife, that was understood long ago and only some naive thought that Tesla would actually deliver $35K versions in material quantities and early on.

No, the problem is that they announced $35K Model 3, got 400K reservations based on that base price (of course ! if tomorrow Porsche announces a $35K car, they would also get tons of reservations), then go on the markets raisin capital using those reservation number to brag around. Sorry but that, together with their complete lack of transparency and shady accounting practices makes it in my eyes a company with sleazy business practices. I mean any of his accountants together with all the car industry could tell Musk that no way a $35K Model 3 could be sold at a profit, I don’t buy it a second that he didn’t know what he was doing. And good for him and for Tesla, that is good management, if your clients are made for a large part of gullible idiots then best thing to do is to take it into consideration in your com./ strategy.

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