How Dynamic Skip Fire Tech Can Cut V 8 Fuel Use Up To 20 Percent

Yeah, right, thirty years of tinkering, it still doesn’t work right, but by the law of averages, it should start working right soon.

Cutting off lubrication to the valve guides of the inactive cylinders sounds like a formula for premature wear and premature failure.

I’ll tell you what, let’s let someone else try that out on their almost $100K brand new sports car. I think I’d rather start out with a used sports car costing less than half that, and then refurbishing it.

Let someone else do the field engineering on the reliability or lack thereof of this new system, same as the old system, GM path to fuel economy.

I don’t know how they can publish stuff like this with a straight face, or where they can come up with enough suckers, er, buyers to buy into what has been a thirty year failed experiment, whose only new feature is cutting the number of active cylinders in half, when running at maximum economy. If it didn’t work for 2 or 4 out of 8 cylinders, what will make it different when this cockamamie scheme is tried on 6 out of 8 cylinders?

But maybe this is the way forward for GM…next stop being eight single cylinder engines, all synchronized electronically, with two driving each wheel. That way they can just shut off the engines whose cylinders they don’t want running, instead of having those cylinders rotating but not firing.

After all, if other manufacturers can synchronize an electric and a gas motor driving wheels, why not just extend GM’s scheme but eliminate the weak link…the inactive cylinder that continues to rotate.

If I thought that idea was any good, I’d patent it. But I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

Oh, and GM could also capitalize on other thirty year old previous failures…let’s make those eight single cylinder engines diesel engines, but built on standard four stroke bottom ends, to reduce costs.

That technology failed enough times for GM that they must have figured out a way for it to work by now, also.

And by the way, if you send me a thousand dollar deposit for one of them, I will also give you an opportunity to buy in on the ground floor of a new bridge I am going to build from Brooklyn to Manhattan, one that will reap massive returns for early investors such as yourselves.

But act now, before others buy into what could have been your part of the future.

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