Ice Cube Uses Lorain Police Incident In Music Video

"Giving Up the Nappy Dugout" is one of the album's most disturbing and regrettable moments, as Cube is confronted by an angry father over relations with his young daughter. The song features the rapper bragging about he and his friends committing statutory rape ("I know she's a minor and it's illegal") and it's another example in the long list of troubling misogyny in hip-hop--perpetuated by one of the genre's most acclaimed and important artists. This kind of callous contempt for women was, at best, ignored and at worst, endorsed by many of the fans listening in 1991, and it shows up again in the following track "Look Who's Burning." Presented as a cautionary tale, the song addresses STDs, but puts the onus on "scandalous" women who were too "stuck up" to be receptive to Cube's advances. This isn't a thoughtful examination on safe sex; it's just another opportunity to present Black women as the problem--not once does Cube call out a man for giving a woman a disease. In O'Shea Jackson's world; only "fast" women get diseases and they give them to unsuspecting fellas looking for a good time.

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