If You Want The Subways To Improve, Keep Blaming Cuomo

Joe Lhota’s abrupt exit Friday as chairman of the MTA won’t make the subways any better, nor the rest of the city’s transit system. Even a top-notch successor can only do so much, unless and until Gov. Cuomo faces reality.

As Lhota put it mildly on his way out, the MTA “still [has] a long way to go to achieve the performance that New Yorkers demand and deserve.”

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> he hinted before Election Day — but no leaders can do what Cuomo won’t allow.

If the gov’s eyes are indeed on a White House run, it’s not even clear he’ll want to address the MTA’s long-term troubles: He’ll be looking for whatever good news he can get over the next two years, and leave deeper issues to his successor.

Unless New Yorkers keep loudly telling Democrats all across the country that they’re furious at how Cuomo failed the subways, the gov won’t get serious about doing better.

Source : https://nypost.com/2018/11/11/if-you-want-the-subways-to-improve-keep-blaming-cuomo/

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If you want the subways to improve, keep blaming Cuomo
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