In Shocking Upset, RadioShack Wins The Super Bowl

>Dear Ad Review reader,

I get it. You're angry. I did not like your favorite ad. Or I liked an ad that was totally stupid. Or, worse, I trashed an ad that you personally worked on. On top of that, I totally missed that ad. And that other ad. And two other ones. And what about Ford?

Here's the deal. Ad reviewing, like any other reviewing, is subjective. And for the Super Bowl, it's even more nebulous. Because what makes a good Super Bowl ad doesn't necessarily make a good ad-ad. There are different expectations.

And ad reviewing isn't done in a "natural" environment. It's not like I sat down during the game and whipped up 4,500 words. This was written last week, in an office rather than Sunday night surrounded by drunks. If any ads are missing it's for one of the following reasons: the marketer refused to share the ad prior to the game; the ad is not a national Super Bowl ad and is rather something that ran in select markets; the ad, like Ford's, is not, technically, an in-game ad (which we define as happening between kick-off and final whistle).

That bit of house-keeping out of the way, let's proceed with the review. This year, aside from star rankings -- four stars being best, two being perfectly serviceable and below that, well, you know -- we arranged them from best to worst, top to bottom. Are you surprised that RadioShack is in the top spot? I definitely was. I was almost as surprised by that as by where Chrysler ended up. But you can only run the same play for so long before it ceases to be effective.

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In Shocking Upset, RadioShack Wins the Super Bowl
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