Introducing EM Pulse, A Podcast From UC Davis Emergency Medicine Physicians About Life In The ER

Have you ever wondered what it’s like being an emergency medicine physician and how the team works to address some of the nation’s most pressing health care challenges? 

To find out more, consider listening and subscribing to EM Pulse, a new podcast series launched by UC Davis emergency medicine physicians.

"There are a lot of medical podcasts out there," said Sarah Medeiros, assistant professor of emergency medicine and podcast co-host. "We created EM Pulse to bring cutting-edge research and expert opinion to the bedside."

Em Pulse podcast sex trafficking

Each episode of the budding series focuses on a specific aspect of delivering care to patients and the opportunities UC Davis physicians and others find to improve health and health care in the Sacramento region and beyond. It also provides resources for practicing physicians.

"We get inspired by interesting and challenging cases we see in the emergency department, and then seek out specialists and authors of current research to help us delve a little deeper," she said. "Our goal is for everyone to learn together."

The latest episode, entitled "Sold for a Chrysler 300," is the second in the podcast series. It focuses on sex trafficking, a growing national problem and features the first-hand account of a trafficking survivor. Medeiros said that she found the patient's story "especially eye-opening" and "painfully powerful."

Julia Magana, an assistant professor of emergency medicine and EM Pulse co-host, agrees. 

"Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery that occurs in every state, including California," Magana said. "As health care providers, we have a unique role in this fight because we treat victims, often while they are being trafficked. So often, we just don’t know it.

"We cringe to think how many victims we treated and never recognized it," she said. "We want to help increase awareness and provide physicians with tools to identify victims as a small step toward stamping out human trafficking in the United States."

"Sold for a Chrysler 300" features:

Annika Huff>Annika Huff

(formerly Annika Mack), a trafficking survivor who speaks with UC Davis emergency medicine physicians about her experiences in the life, how she got out and what she is doing now.


>Bryn MummaBryn Mumma

, assistant professor of emergency medicine, who talks about her research, published in 2017, on how physicians can better identify potential victims in the emergency department.


Rachel RobitzRachel Robitz, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, who shares advice on how to approach these patients, create a safe space for them, and offer support and resources.


>Julia MaganaJulia Magaña

, EM Pulse co-host and assistant professor of emergency medicine, who discusses how she manages suspected victims of sex trafficking in pediatric patients. 


Sarah MedeirosSarah Medeiros, assistant professor of emergency medicine and EM Pulse co-host.


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Introducing EM Pulse, a podcast from UC Davis emergency medicine physicians about life in the ER
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