Is It Me Or Are Honda's Latest Cleansheet Designs BETTER Than Acura's? Does Acura Need To Be MORE Daring?

Sure. To start with. A finger does not provide any precision. It is just a primitive mode to pick on the screen at a wide guess scale. A digitizer (IPAQ, PALM, etc) has a lot more precision that enables a whole new set of advanced workflows. The digitizer even has levels of pressure and can let you do hand written recognition (which works perfectly compared to the old IPAQ/PALMS)

The Note 2 has NFC object interchange that makes a breeze to exchange files, photos, etc.

At our corporate offices we are scaling down on the iphones and we are looking at the Samsung Note 2’s for real work. For presentations, the iphone has several issues since it cannot project every app. The app has to use a special canvas widget in order to have tv out. The Samsung Note 2 has HDMI resolution and has 1280×720 and can display the whole screen and all apps all the time. You can make clear presentations with ease.

The Samsung Note 2 has wireless display capabilities without any attachment. You has get the HDMI receiver that you connect to a projector or a LDC TV.

We currently have all secured connectivity at our offices with the Samsung Note 2. No problem at all.

I had several iphones. In the first iphones most of the components were made by Samsung, which is why the iphone quality was high. Samsung even builds the iphone silicon chips for apple.

My kids have broken several iphone screens. My daughter is in her 3rd screen because whenever the iphone falls to the floor the screen breaks even with the huge cover protector. The Samsung is a lot better design for shock resistance than the iphone. The iphone has severe issues with any impacts. Anybody with an iphone knows that.

I don’t use any covers so my Samsung phone looks thin and normal. If you take a look at the Samsung Note 2 and feel it in your hand and compare the screen to the iphone, you will not go back to your iphone.

The app management on the Samsung/Android is a lot better than the apple app management. Sure the iphone app management is simple enough that my grandmother can use it, but for more advanced people, it fails very short of usable.

In addition to the large readable screen, the Samsung Note 2 has direct wifi,

The bluetooth on the Samsung Note 2 is incredibly good compared to the iphone. You have a very strong and clean signal that makes your vehicle stereo systems loud and clear with little noise. While my iphones and my kids iphones have a large noise to signal ratio and does not sound rich and deep. My kids copied their playlists to my Samsung so that they can play it in my car whenever we are in a trip.

The Samsung Quick Command screen used with the digitizer lets you open a quick window and with the digitizer you can assign any command to a hand written word or letter and you application will pop up. It even lets you enter arguments. so you can just write “google Mercedes” and it will open the browser and search for Mercedes (I have google linked to the browser app).

I can capture the screen with the stylus in a lazo mode and shared it with any application or clipboard. Screen capture is just a double tap with the digitizer. I can ran any power point application and display or edit them and project them in HDMI resolution.

The Samsung Note 2 screen is great for GPS usage and map viewing. It has large GPS and antennas that ensure great reception.

I had and have all the iphones and ipads and now have the Samsung Note 2. I can experience the differences in real life. If you want to really talk facts, you should own or at least test the Samsung Note 2 before you just repeat apples marketing stupidity.

I own and owned apple products for more than 20 years, but todays apple just use marketing to drive naive people to buy their products. I can see here that people just repeat apple marketing lines without really knowing what the other devices are really about.

Most of the App software companies offer the apps for Android and for Apple, so I have %90 of all my old iphone apps on my Android and I have some apps that apple does not have. I was even able to copy my old apple playlists and all the songs to my Samsung with isyncr easily, so I have my smaller ipod in sync with my Note 2 and have a lot more music on my Note 2.

Last, the Samsung Note 2 supports 64 GB micro sd cards. I have 2 64 gb micro sd cards with loads of private information. In case my Samsung dies, I just go to a PC or any machine that reads SD cards and I am set, or I can get a any new phone and install my sd card and I am up and running. WIth the iphone, you lost everything if your phone does not work, and if you want to use the backup, you have to buy another iphone and make a restore. You cannot increase the memory on an iphone because the memory is soldered in and the cloud is not a safe option.

It is amazing how uneducated people are on other devices. Apple is having trouble trying to change it’s parts from Samsung to other 3rd party companies, and it is because the other companies don’t have the quality and don’t have the advance technology that samsung has. This will show in how long the new iphones will last.

Samsung has been selling phones before apple even thought to make phones. Apple copied a lot of existing technologies and package them up. A lot of people that are not technology aware or familiar with the different technologies from the past, think that Apple invented all this technology and that is a big sign on how much they really know.

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Why Apple vs. Samsung is like BMW vs. Honda
Why Apple vs. Samsung is like BMW vs. Honda