Is There Such A Thing As An "Affordable Luxury Car", Or Is It Just A Marketing Gimmick?

So far - everyone is comparing two cars of German Manufacture - -neither of which is well known for its reliability or affordable maintenance or repair.

There are LOTS of cars under $30,000 dollars that can fulfill the requisite luxury - and still offer reasonable reliability and repair costs.

However - before I would buy a cut rate new German luxury car - I would be more likely to look at 3 year old used cars - from those manufacturers and others like Lexus, BMW, Infinity, and Cadillac as well. In fact - in my area - it is not unusual to have a 1 year old Cadillac CTS available in than that price - leftover - new.

And if you are not caught up with the hype- I would suggest that even the new Chevy Impala probably compares favorably with the Audi and Mercedes - can actually carry more than two people - has room for their luggage - can be had with most of the luxury features - and can come in delivered for that price range as well. Remember - we are comparing LUXURY - not sport.

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Is There Such A Thing As An "Affordable Luxury Car", Or Is It Just A Marketing Gimmick?
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