Is An Extended Warranty Needed? Banging Noise In Rear End

Hyundai diagnosed it the same morning I dropped it off. It was bad. They called to confirm the warranty service with MaxCare. The insurance company immediately demanded my last oil change receipt. "J'ACCUSE!" They want to blame this on me. Great. Luckily, I value my car, so I change my oil. I had a receipt. I sent it. Later, the same day: They are now trying to decide (while I wait, in limbo) if the oil change receipt is valid, because it contains my license plate number but not my VIN number. I assure you, it's a valid receipt, and the oil has been regularly changed. Are they suggesting that I might have pulled the engine out of my car, found another identical vehicle, pulled out its engine, swapped it with mine, got the oil changed, then un-swapped it, therefore rendering the warranty void?

If I had access to a shop where I could just randomly pull engines, I wouldn't be driving a Hyundai and I wouldn't be shopping at CarMax. They are also leaving me without a loaner vehicle until they decide whether or not to honor this claim. All I did was purchase a car and a warranty. I hate being treated like a criminal, being without a loaner vehicle, and being given the runaround by this MaxCare (DBA The Warranty Group) company. I specifically got it for peace of mind, so I knew car repairs would never get in the way of me driving to work. So far, this is not my experience.

Incidentally, the people at North Bethesda Hyundai are superb. They're doing their best, but are, though no fault of their own, caught in the same agreement I am, because of the extended warranty. I've already spent $25 on an Uber to get to work this morning and will probably take a few more of those before all of this is settled. Let's see how long this goes...

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