Jay Leno Takes A Look At A Porsche 356 Boxster Mashup

Not just beloved among Porsche fans, the 356 remains an automotive icon to anyone who enjoys the automobile in any small way.

It's a time capsule on wheels that captures the imagine of those who look upon it as it rolls past. You picture yourself, an open roof, and a curving coastal road winding along together under perpetual sunshine. Anyone would love that moment, but not everyone wants to deal with an old car.

Jay Leno recently got a chance to examine a version of the Porsche 356 that might be more appealing to those looking for a car that just allows you to get in and go. The team at West Coast Customs stopped by with a heavily customized Porsche built for a customer that wanted a 356 of his own.

Actually, this car is two Porsches that have merged to become one unique example. A 987 Boxster and a ratty 356 joined forces, with the 356 body being reworked to fit atop the Boxster chassis. You can't simply drop the body on top of the modern platform though, as this build required a serious amount of custom fabrication and parts to make it all come together.

The finished product is one that will have you doing a double take. It's clearly a Porsche 356, but there's something different about the proportions. West Coast Customs deserves a lot of credit here for its restraint. This vehicle hasn't been pimped, but transformed into a manner befitting of the car and the customer's requests. 

Source : http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1113154_jay-leno-takes-a-look-at-a-porsche-356-boxster-mashup

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Jay Leno takes a look at a Porsche 356-Boxster mashup
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