Kavanaugh, Supreme Court Grapple With Deportation Clash

Two cases involving the death penalty will be argued in the first two months, including one on Tuesday in which lawyers for Alabama death row inmate Vernon Madison argue he shouldn't be executed because strokes and dementia have left him unable to remember the details of the killing of a police officer in 1985. In November, Missouri inmate Russell Bucklew says he shouldn't be subjected to execution by lethal injection because he has a rare medical condition that could cause him to choke on his own blood during an execution.

Source : http://www.kltv.com/2018/10/01/supreme-court-term-amid-starts-shadow-kavanaugh/

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Supreme Court term amid starts in shadow of Kavanaugh
New Supreme Court term begins Monday in the shadow of tumult over Kavanaugh
Quiet start to Supreme Court term amid tumult over Kavanaugh