LOOK: The New York Tabloids Made Kevin Durant's Finals Injury All About The Knicks

Kevin Durant's long-anticipated return to the court was cut short on Monday night, when the reigning NBA Finals MVP suffered what the Golden State Warriors reportedly fear is a torn Achilles.

If the superstar did tear the tendon -- a possibility confirmed by Warriors president Bob Myers' tearful tribute to Durant after the game -- it marks a tragic blow not only to Golden State, which opened Game 5 firing on all cylinders with Durant back in the lineup, but to KD himself, who pushed through injuries to rejoin his teammates and was set to be the most prized free agent of the offseason.

But don't tell that to the New York tabloids, which made Durant's potentially severe injury all about the Knicks.

Tuesday's edition of the New York Daily News featured a back page with a seated Durant clutching his injured leg, complete with the caption "Knicks Lose Game 5." The paper doubled down on that message in a subheadline, writing that Durant's injury is "ruining everything" -- as if the Knicks' free agent plans, not the Finals, are the most pressing issue at hand.