Long Live Sedans: Key BMW 3 Series And Acura ILX Debut

JASPER, ALTA — Moose have no regard for traffic. Nor, of course, do deer, elk, bear or any of the other small woodland creatures inhabiting Jasper National Park in Alberta, where at any time they might amble across the narrow valley roads on which our 2018 Honda Accord is travelling at great haste.

And if the majestic mountain views to the north and west remind us of how small and insignificant we all really are, the scenery on the inside of the new Accord is just as serene, revealing how far Honda has come since the first Accord was produced in 1976 — the first Honda model to be built in Canada, not in Japan.

Long a tall mountain of its own in the sedan class, the Accord enters its 10th generation with sharper styling, new engines — gone is the V6 — a new platform and an interior that, in the top line Touring, comes very close to matching the fit and finish of an Audi or BMW.