Looking Back: FirstShowing Collectively Picks The Worst Films Of 2012

Once upon a time, the Vikings were known as a team that loved to throw long bombs down the field to their impressive trio of wide receivers.

Cris Carter, Randy Moss and Jake Reed were collectively known as "Three Deep" and with strong-armed quarterback Daunte Culpepper throwing the ball as far as he could, there was no deficit that the Vikings couldn't tackle.

Fast forward a decade and the long bombs have been replaced by the devastation known as the three-yard pass.

Opposing defensive coordinators have trouble sleeping at night knowing that offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave will dig into his bag of tricks and come out with a bubble screen on 3rd-and-27.

Even former Viking coach Brad Childress, known for naming his playbook the "Kick A** Offense," thinks Musgrave's play-calling is too extreme and has no possible way of being stopped.

With another year to teach Christian Ponder the system, the rest of the NFL better hope that Musgrave doesn't turn it up a notch and install a four-yard pass to really keep defenses off balance.

Source : https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1528369-minnesota-vikings-10-reasons-why-i-love-the-vikings

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