Lyft Is Now Developing Self Driving Tech Of Its Own

Uber had the lead on ride-hailing and self-driving cars for a while, but it's encountered some roadblocks

Now Lyft is jumping in, with the announcement that the U.S. ride-hailing company will develop its own self-driving technology at a facility in Silicon Valley. 

"We believe Lyft is in the best position to demonstrate what a great overall user experience can be. Lyft is also uniquely positioned to build technology in collaboration with partners in a way that makes it possible to roll out self-driving cars at scale in the fastest, safest, most efficient way," Lyft Vice President of Engineering Luc Vincent wrote in a Medium post announcing Lyft's plans. 

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Lyft earlier this year introduced an open self-driving platform that allowed car manufacturers and self-driving systems to sync with Lyft's network. Now, Lyft's own self-driving cars will operate on that network too. And Lyft will continue to work in tandem with other stakeholders developing self-driving technology through that platform. 

Lyft's self-driving headquarters will be called the Level 5 Engineering Center, named for the level of self-driving that is entirely autonomous, compared to cars that require some human attention. Ten percent of Lyft's engineers are working on this technology. 

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In the future, Lyft's full network of self-driving cars and drivers will be integrated so that a ride you order could end up being completed by either a car or a human driver. 

If Lyft can avoid lawsuits from Google and the ire of city regulators, it'll be a step ahead in the self-driving race. 

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Lyft will finally develop its own self-driving cars
Lyft Is Now Developing Self-Driving Tech Of Its Own
Lyft changes gears to build its own self-driving tech
Lyft Plans to Develop its Own Self-Driving Technology
Lyft launches a new self-driving division and will develop its own autonomous ride-hailing technology
Lyft Plans to Develop its Own Self-Driving Technology
Lyft changes gears to build its own self-driving tech