Mac Mini RAM Upgrade Kits Undercut Apple

If you have a recent model 21.5-inch iMac and are looking to boost its performance, OWC now offers a 64GB RAM upgrade kit. The kit is compatible with 2017 and later models of the smaller iMac, including the Retina 4K display model …


This allows 21.5-inch iMac owners to max out their machines.

Continuing in the tradition of being first to certify and deliver DIY upgrade solutions for Mac owners, OWC is pleased to provide these high-performing memory kits to their customers making it possible to max-out upgradeable memory slots, allowing owners to boost performance levels to run more apps, work with larger files, speed up render times, and manipulate larger data sets.

As you’d expect, the 64GB RAM upgrade kit isn’t cheap, at $899 for the complete kit (with tools included) or $895 for the RAM on its own – but it still represents a 36% savings over Apple’s own pricing. OWC will also let you trade in your old RAM to further boost savings. If you’re upgrading from 32GB, you’ll get $180 back, and you have 60 days to mail in the RAM to receive your rebate check.

If you’re upgrading from 8GB or 16GB, a 32GB kit is also available for $288.88.

However, the company does caution that DIY upgrades are not for the faint-hearted, even with the help of a video (below).

Professional Installation Highly Recommended. While this upgrade kit itself should not void your warranty, the installation process is very complex and thus it is recommended to be performed by a trained professional.

The latest Mac mini also falls into the non-trivial category where RAM upgrades are concerned, but we found that it was do-able with a little patience and know-how. A 64GB RAM upgrade is one of the options here too – check out our how-to guide.

Finally, if you have the 2017 5K iMac and are looking to upgrade the RAM in that, you’ll be pleased to know that one is extremely straightforward.

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