Mazda CX 8 Gets Aggressive Body Kit From DAMD

There's something extremely sexy about a Japanese car you can't buy, especially if there's a body kit available for it. As far as we know, DAMD is the only company to offer such a thing, not that we're disappointed with what they have.

Their kit is simple yet classy. At the front, you get extra ground effects in the form of a massive chin insert. This feature piano black, a chrome lip, a diffuser and LED accessory lights. Some might say that's overkill, but not us.

New side skirts have also been installed, matching the low look at the front. From some angles, this makes it look like an older Land Cruiser model.

Finally, the rear of the 7-seat crossover features a metallic diffuser and carbon-look caps for the exhaust system. Sadly, the most common engine here is a 2.2-liter diesel, usually making 175 horsepower. In combination with that classic Mazda auto, this isn't the sportiest machine in the world.

DAMD also has an assortment of accessories for you to buy, like any good Japanese shop. This includes caps, wheels, badges, stickers, pieces of interior trim and the obligatory floor mats. At extra cost, DAMD can also tint the windows of the MX-5 and even install a custom leather interior.

The company was made famous by its re-bodied Toyota GT 86, which looked like an Aston Martin replica. But generally specializes in Mazda and Subarus. Even the new Suzuki Jimny has visited their shop.

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