Mazda MX 5, Fiat 124 Spider And Chrysler Pacifica Recalled In The U.S

FCA and Mazda have announced two separate recalls involving the 124 Spider and MX-5 “cousins”, as well as the Chrysler Pacifica people carrier, over transmission and steering issues.

The first safety campaign covers 14,370 MX-5s and 8,933 124 Spiders, from the 2017-2019 model years, equipped with automatic transmissions that could cause unexpected downshift and abrupt deceleration. The issue is due to incorrect programming of the Transmission Control Module. The two automakers are so far unaware of any accidents or injuries related to this problem.

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Both Fiat and Mazda will notify owners in the coming weeks, with the recall expected to begin on March 27 for the 124 Spider and two days later for the MX-5. In the meantime, dealers will be informed to reprogram the Transmission Control Module with the updated software. All work will be carried out free of charge.

A second recall announced by FCA concerns the Chrysler Pacifica. The minivan might lose directional control due to the “steering-system joints that could separate under rare circumstances – when a single bolt’s torque is below specification, and when there is an improperly positioned aperture”.

The issue affects 47,771 units in the United States, 2,239 in Canada, 226 in Mexico and 551 outside the NAFTA region, all assembled between November 1, 2017, and March 1, 2018. Dealership technicians will inspect all vehicles and will either secure or replace certain steering components, as needed. This recall will commence in April.

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Mazda MX-5, Fiat 124 Spider And Chrysler Pacifica Recalled In The U.S.
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