Mazda Continues Investment Into Rotary Engines For ‘special Characteristic’

Bringing back the iconic

rotary engine is still a work in progress at

Mazda, as the Japanese giant works to find the best way to use the unique internal combustion configuration while most manufacturers publicly focus their efforts on electric mobility.

Mazda remains an outlier in the automotive industry, trying to inject a sense of reality into the electric vehicle (EV) frenzy.

It's trying to improve and maximise the efficiency of the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE), while fully considering the "well to wheel" emissions of EVs, as governments around the world learn how to manage the electricity required for the impending age of EVs.

The automaker continues work on the SkyActiv-X engine, which aims to bring about diesel fuel efficiency in a petrol-powered mill, but is also quietly working on the rotary engine, even if that seems contradictory to its goal of better efficiency.

At the 2019 Geneva motor show, CarAdvice posed the question of "why?" to Ichiro Hirose, the company’s managing executive officer of powertrain development.

“If you think about the perspective and pursuing efficiency of the ICE, and then compare diesel, petrol and rotary engine, the rotary engine has a handicap in this respect,” Hirose told CarAdvice.

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Mazda continues investment into rotary engines for ‘special characteristic’
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