Mazda Range Extended Electric Car May Help The Rotary Live On

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The Wankel rotary, the peculiar pistonless internal combustion engine design that Mazda built so much of its heritage around, may see a resurgence after all.

Earlier reports and remarks from Mazda executives have suggested that while the rotary will make a comeback, it will be relegated to what’s essentially an emergency generator—a range extender for a plug-in electric vehicle that’s expected for the U.S., among other markets. But a report from last week puts the rotary potentially on a higher stage in some versions or vehicles.

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Ichiro Hirose, Mazda’s managing executive officer for powertrain development, recently told Australia’s Drive that the project is no longer a single powertrain layout for one vehicle but a flexible platform that could be used to configure various levels of electrification around the globe for the smaller automaker, which has limited development resources compared to other big global automakers.

“What we intend to do is that with this combination you can vary the amount of battery and also the amount of fuel tank supply,” Hirose told Drive. “What that allows us to do is, depending on the ratio between the two, is that we can have a derivative that can work more like a plug-in hybrid.”

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The executive said that Mazda has made a breakthrough with its rotary engine that may allow it to be used as more than just a range extender in the future. That includes new ways to curb the emissions involved in this challenging engine design’s startup conditions, and there’s a hint that the strategy could involve spinning the rotary up ahead of time, perhaps only operating it in a certain rev range.

Rotary engine

Rotary engine

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