Neighborhood Watch: More Charges For Henderson Man Accused Of Stealing Jeep, EPD Looking For Man Who Showed Gun To Liquor Store Clerk

Morrison called 911 and then began calling his neighbors, asking them to tell the police that Mays didn't live there and that they were all trespassing and had no right to enter his house.

Police say he barricaded himself inside, but Morrison said he was within his rights and wasn't going to leave for fear of being shot by police. Both officers say Morrison walked to the window and pointed his gun at officers twice more. The second time, Holly Hill Cpl. Matt Armstrong fired one shot, striking Morrison in his back.

Morrison later said that he was not armed when he was shot, and that he was fetching a vanilla Oreo from his pantry.

The state attorney's review cleared Armstrong, who resigned about a year later.

The state attorney offered Morrison a deal for adjudication withheld on a second-degree misdemeanor charge with no prison time and little probation. He declined, wanting a jury trial to prove he did not have a gun when he was shot. The state eventually dropped all charges against him.

2012 in police shootings

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